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TOTALIFT® Charger Spec Sheets


The TOTALIFT TLX is a fully automatic 100% Opportunity Charger with an Exclusive Automated Dual Rate Charging Curve. The operation of the TLX charger is managed by the new MTL3 Digital Charger Controller, which has a fully programmable microprocessor based electronic control board.

Standard Features

  • The Most Energy Efficient Opportunity Charger in its Class
  • Fully Automatic, Fully Digital
  • Programmable Microprocessor
  • Automated Dual Rate Charging Curve
  • Auto and Manual Equalize
  • Start Delay Option
  • 10’ Standard Cables
  • Elapsed Time and Elapsed Time Memory
  • Self Adjust to 50/60Hz Power Cycle to USA, Canada & International specs
  • Automatic Data Saving in case of blackout and Auto Start From Point of Interruption—Automatic Saving of Charger Parameters
  • Quick Digital Troubleshooting Guide
  • UL1/CSA Approved
  • Full Technical Support
  • Five Year Full Warranty (Seven Years on Transformer)
    *battery connectors not included


Standard Features TLHF1

CASING A 7.5” x 4.65” x 2” (L x W x H)
12Vdc / 8A, 10A, 12A — 120V AC 12 amp AC PN# 7005440
CASING B 7.5” x 4.65” x 2” (L x W x H)
24Vdc / 4A — 120V AC 8 amp PN# 7005441
CASING C 9.84” x 4.65” X 2” (L x W x H)
24Vdc / 10A, 12A, 15A - 120V AC 15 amp PN# 7005437

  • This small, fully automatic, high frequency charger is waterproof and extremely resistant thanks to its monobloc aluminum casing and circuits in an epoxy resin cast.
  • Ideal for installations on vehicles where space is limited or the charger is exposed to chemicals, dust, or bad weather.
  • Monitoring the state of charge is simple thanks to the 3 LED indicators & active circuit protects the charger from polarity inversion, overload and short circuit of the battery & overheating of the unit.

Standard Features TLHF2

CASING: 7.5” x 7.5” x 4.33” ( Lx W x H)
TLHF-2A 12Vdc or 24Vdc / 20A to 40A—120V AC
PN# 7005438
TLHF-2B 36Vdc or 48Vdc / 10A to 25A—120V AC
PN# 7005439

  • Despite its small size, it can charge batteries from 30Ah to 240Ah in 8hours depending on output voltage.
  • The charge curve can be programmed for any type of battery.
  • Due to its air cooling system it can operate at stable temperatures regardless of the position or orientation it's installed.
  • An active circuit that protects the charger from polarity inversion, overload and short circuit of the battery and overheating of the unit.
  • The TLHF2 can be bundled with an external state of charge indicator or a charge management module.
    *battery connectors not included

3 year warranty (5 year on transformer) T-Series

5 year warranty (7 year on transformer) TL-Series


  • Think Green
  • Superior performance
  • Microprocessor controlled technology
  • Competitively priced
  • Outstanding warranty
  • Technical support

Standard Features

  • 10-20% More Efficient Than FERRO or SCR Technology
  • 12-96V Plug In, Hardwired and Multi -volt Units
  • Auto Refresh For Long Weekends
  • Automatic or Manual Equalizer
  • Battery Capacity Versatility
  • UL/CSA/CE Certified
  • Auto Start and Stop
  • Fully Automatic
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