Rain Caps


CLARK TOTALIFT Rain Cap is a rugged & well designed roof cover for current & late model lift trucks. Always verify measurements as well as model applications.

OSHA standard 1917.43(e)(1)(ii): which states
"Overhead Guards Shall Not Obstruct the Operator's View."

Standard Features

  • CLARK TOTALIFT Rain Caps feature a unique dome design that diverts rain and small particulates away from the operator.
  • Channels and gutters eliminate cascading water.
  • Rain Caps are made from clear ultra tuff SG weather-able polycarbonate, or gray-tinted ultra tuff SG weather-able polycarbonate material.
  • Tinted caps offer added UV protection.
  • With the designed domed top and side channels this aids to prevent dripping on the operator.
  • This alternative to shrink-wrap, plywood, and cardboard provides greater operator comfort and safety.
  • The ease of installation eliminates shop time, and expense.
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