8000 / 9000 / 10,000 / 11,000 lbs
(4000 / 4500 / 5000 / 5500 kg)

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Manufacturing, Warehousing, Building Materials Handling


FEATURES - The Gen2 C40-Series is designed to tackle any task placed in its path. The open-core, plate-fin radiator provides maximum cooling of the engine and transmission in the harshest environments and most demanding applications. 

OPERATOR COMPARTMENT - The CLARK vinyl safety seat has 6” of fore and aft adjustment and is molded for maximum support. The seatbelt is non-cinching and retractable to improve operator comfort. The seat on the C40 is also a full-suspension seat with standard weight adjustment to increase comfort and productivity. The operator presence sensing system disengages the hydraulic and transmission functions when the operator leaves the seat. The thick molded floor mat reduces vibration and noise level to improve operator comfort. The low cowl design increases visibility of the forks and the load. Finally, the tilt steering column adjusts to suit the operator and provides easier entry and exit.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM - The hydraulic system is designed to provide maximum horsepower while using a load-sensing flow control valve to reduce heat build-up. The main hydraulic valve incorporates adjustable flow controls for tilt and auxiliary functions for the optimum performance of attachments. The sectional design of the hydraulic system allows for the easy addition of extra functions and simplifies service, saving you time and money during repairs. The upright mounted load lowering valve is controlled independently of engine speed, allowing for greater control in lower speeds. 

FRAME - The C40 is made with a one piece frame, with a heavy duty, welded, and formed steel plate design which protects it from impact damage and extends the life of the truck.  

STEERING AXLE - The “Double Shear” design on the linkage pivot pins and tapered roller king-pin bearings can withstand impact without loosening or breaking. 

WET DISC BRAKES - All C40 models come standard with wet disc brakes that are enclosed and oil cooled for smooth, quiet operation. The minimal wear increases the lifespan of your brakes, and reduces your maintenance required with decreases downtime. 

RUGGED CONSTRUCTION - The I-Beam style upright rails are designed to be 55% stiffer than conventional flat-faced rails. They also have better resistance to side-to-side deflection, which promotes longer life and improved stability with elevated loads. The hydraulic cushioning valves create silent staging that reduces shock and vibration. Each carriage has 6 sealed and canted load rollers and 4 side thrust rollers which maximize the load distribution and reduce free play. 

PARKING BRAKE - The C40 parking brake is simple to use and error-proof. The hand-operated lever actuates the brake, and the transmission disengages when the parking brake is set, preventing driving against the parking brake. The horn will also sound if the brake is not set after 3 seconds.  

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