13,500 / 15,500 / 16,500 / 18,000 lbs
(6000 / 7000 / 7500 / 8000 kg)

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Yard Applications in Heavy Manufacturing, Stevedoring & Warehousing, Building Materials Handling


FEATURES - With the combination of a 100 HP engine, fully automatic 3-speed transmission, wet disc brakes, and rugged chassis design, the GEN2 C60 provides the exceptional performance, maneuverability, and durability in its class that you’ve come to expect from CLARK.

OPERATOR COMPARTMENT - The CLARK C60/70/75/80 series come equipped with a fully adjustable, full-suspension seat, molded for support with a non-cinching, retractable seat belt. The tilt steering column can be adjusted to suit the operator and provides easier exit/entry. The cowl mounted hydraulic controls are located and sized for optimal ease of use. Finally, the thick molded floor mats are designed to reduce vibration and noise level to improve operator comfort.  

OPTIONAL OPERATOR CAB - The Optional Operator Cab has a unique OHG design which minimizes vison obstruction of door pillars for maximum visibility. The 180-degree Fold and Lock doors recede within the truck frame when locked open, further increasing visibility in the cab. 

BRAKE SYSTEM - The brake system is easy to use and error proof. The hand-operated parking brake activates the brakes, and the transmission disengages when the parking brake is set to prevent driving against the brakes. 

ENGINE - The 4.5L Turbo Charged 100 HP Iveco Diesel Engine provides exceptional output, torque, and fuel economy. The cold start system, vertical exhaust, and pre-cleaner come standard. The field-proved 4.3L V-6 GM LPG engine is built for smooth and quiet operation. The auto shut-down feature protects your investment in the event of excessive engine coolant, high transmission oil temperature, or low engine oil pressure. All engines are EPA Compliant. 

“BUILT TO LAST” CHASSIS - The heavy duty, welded, integral box frame assembly; the integral hydraulic and fuel tanks; the wrap-around side frame member for rigidity; and the integral battery and tool box compartments all contribute to the “Built to Last” Chassis. 

“SMART SHIFT: TRANSMISSION - The fully automatic 3-speed powershift transmission is standard on LPG and Diesel models. The upshifting and downshifting are also very operator friendly. The modulated shift protection has smooth engagement with cushioned shifting. The robust components are heavy duty for longer life. Finally, the inching valve allows for precisely controlled travel speeds during high speed lifting. 

UPRIGHT AND CARRIAGE - The lift cylinders, chains, and hoses in the C60/70/75/80 are all mounted within the rail profile for maximum visibility. The silent staging of the hydraulic cushioning valve reduces shock and vibration. The carriage has, and has 8 shimmable, sealed, and canted rail rollers and 4 side thrust rollers to maximize load distribution and reduce free play.

WET DISC BRAKES ON ALL C60 MODELS - Enclosed and oil cooled wet disc brakes provide a smooth, quiet operation. The power assist design requires low pedal effort which reduces operator fatigue. Longer service intervals mean less downtime, saving you time and money. All C60/70/75/80 trucks come with 36 months or 10,000-hour warranty on brake discs. 


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