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Dennis Lawrence
Dennis LawrencePresident and Chief Executive Officer
Dennis Lawrence, President and CEO, joined CLARK Material Handling Company in June 2005. In his role at CLARK, Mr. Lawrence oversees all operations of the CLARK North American business, including all business in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Mr. Lawrence shares a close partnership with Young An and their honorary chairman, Mr. S.H. Baik, having been in business with him since 1983. Over the past 18 years at CLARK, Mr. Lawrence has leveraged his experience in logistics, operations, distribution, sales, marketing, and business to lead the company to a resurgence within the industry. Under Mr. Lawrence’s leadership, CLARK continues to set sales and profitability records, proving the strength and resiliency of the brand in the marketplace.

Mr. Lawrence has championed many company initiatives at CLARK over the last 18 years, including the CLARK philanthropic program, “CLARK Raising Hope;”, employee growth initiatives such as leadership training, health and wellness programming, and more.

Under Mr. Lawrence’s leadership, in connection with several other local organizations, CLARK helped establish the Powerhouse of Giving, a coalition of companies dedicated to philanthropy and providing support to members of the Bluegrass and surrounding areas. Mr. Lawrence enjoys working with the over 75 organizations CLARK Raising Hope supports annually, and particularly enjoys building houses with Habitat for Humanity.

 Mike Binnie
Mike BinnieChief Operations Officer and Chief Administrative Officer
Mike Binnie joined the CLARK Material Handling leadership team in 2023 as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Administrative Officer. In this role, Mr. Binnie oversees daily operations of CLARK North America, working closely with the CLARK dealer network and facilitating the continued innovation of the company, as well as working closely with the CLARK management team to build on the success of company with its long-term strategic plan.

Mr. Binnie has over 30 years of experience in various industries. He has successfully led world-class brands and brings that business acumen to the CLARK team. Mr. Binnie has extensive experience with strategic planning, operations, logistics, supply chain management, manufacturing, and distribution. Mr. Binnie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Duke University. Mr. Binnie is active in his local church and participates in local and international missions, building, and charitable projects.

Nicole Tillman
Nicole TillmanDirector of Business Planning and IT
Nicole Tillman joined CLARK in October 2021 overseeing Business Planning and Information Technology.

Ms. Tillman has over 30 years’ experience in various business disciplines including strategic planning, customer experience, leadership development, technology, sourcing, supply chain, manufacturing, and operations.

This multi-discipline experience, coupled with her passion for strategic planning and customer experience, help drive CLARK forward, as the company continues to focus on future planning and continuous improvement.

Ms. Tillman is passionate about underprivileged education and has experience crafting a one-of-a-kind Workplace Literacy Project to help factory employees learn to read, write, and do basic mathematics, enabling them to advance in life and work.

Mark Dyster
Mark DysterDirector of Product Support and Engineering
Mark Dyster joined CLARK in May 1990. He has been in the forklift industry since 1988, having worked in the industry before joining CLARK. During his time at CLARK, Mr. Dyster has held several positions in the Engineering and Product Support department.

In his current role as Director of Product Support and Engineering, Mr. Dyster oversees all new product development and current product support. He also serves as the US representative on the CLARK global Product Development and Product Planning teams. During his career at CLARK, Mr. Dyster has served on industry standards committees that help establish safety standards for the industrial truck market. He has overseen many advancements in his time at CLARK, including the continued electrification of the product line, advancements in low-emission models, and the automation of industrial forklifts.

Mr. Dyster earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY Binghampton. Mr. Dyster enjoys volunteering for many of the organizations CLARK supports through the Raising Hope program and has a particular fondness for Habitat for Humanity.

Brandon Bullard
Brandon BullardDirector of Sales and Marketing
Brandon Bullard joined CLARK in January 2022 as Director of Sales and Marketing. In this role, Mr. Bullard oversees Sales and Marketing functions at CLARK, as well as managing the relationships with CLARK dealers and strategic partners. He is responsible for guiding the development of new products, as well as overseeing aftermarket sales, National Accounts, and the forward-facing marketing efforts of the company to support the sales team.

Mr. Bullard brings two decades of successful sales and leadership experience across multiple industries, including at the OEM level, and at the dealership level. He is passionate about delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers, growing the CLARK National Account division, and strengthening the CLARK dealer network. Mr. Bullard is a graduate of the Texas Christian University- M.J. Neeley School of Business.

Anthony Nash
Anthony NashDirector of Manufacturing
Anthony Nash joined the CLARK Material Handling Company leadership team in 2014, as the Director of Manufacturing, the position he currently holds. In this capacity, Mr. Nash oversees all aspects of the manufacturing process in Lexington, KY, including ensuring CLARK products are made safely and efficiently, while maintaining the Built to Last standards CLARK customers expect.

Mr. Nash has over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of manufacturing settings, and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, which he brought with him to the CLARK team. Mr. Nash is passionate about using lean manufacturing philosophies to continuously improve the CLARK Production System (CPS) in North America.

Mr. Nash proudly supports the CLARK Raising Hope program, and helps coordinate two full days of volunteer work for all manufacturing employees each year.

Robb Barnes
Robb BarnesDirector of Aftermarket Operations and Transportation
Robb Barnes joined CLARK in May 2012 as the Director of Aftermarket Operations & Transportation, the position he holds today. In this role, Mr. Barnes leads the aftermarket parts purchasing and traffic departments located in Lexington, KY, as well as overseeing the operation of the parts distribution center in Louisville, KY.

Mr. Barnes has over 30 years of experience in distribution and supply chain logistics, as well as a long history with Young An, having begun his career with Young An in the 1990s, in Dallas, TX. In addition to his work with the Young An family of companies, Mr. Barnes also served in a leadership position at a national retailer, helping oversee their state-of-the-art 750,000 square foot distribution center in Seattle, WA.

Mr. Barnes earned his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning from the University of Louisville. During his time at CLARK, Mr. Barnes has overseen several organizational and administrative efforts that have led to more efficient operations and positive culture change at CLARK. Mr. Barnes enjoys working with the CLARK Raising Hope program, and particularly enjoys volunteering with Dare to Care, a local food bank in Louisville, KY.

Dan Kaiser
Dan KaiserDirector of Finance and Controller
Dan Kaiser joined the CLARK staff in October 2016 as the Director of Finance & Controller. In this role, Mr. Kaiser oversees the financial and accounting functions of CLARK, as well as the relationships with CLARK Financial Partners.

During his tenure at CLARK, Mr. Kaiser has introduced many measures that have led to a more efficient and effective financial arm of the company. Mr. Kaiser has over 25 years of financial and management experience.

Mr. Kaiser earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bowling Green State University and earned his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Mr. Kaiser is a current board member and treasurer of The Well of Lexington, a non-profit housing and recovery support facility for victims of human trafficking. He also enjoys volunteering with the Central Kentucky YMCA.

Jeff English
Jeff EnglishGeneral Counsel
Jeff English joined CLARK in 2021 as General Counsel. In this role, Mr. English is responsible for all legal, corporate and ethics compliance at CLARK. Mr. English brings over 16 years of legal, risk management, intellectual property, and insurance experience to CLARK.

Mr. English earned his law degree from Washburn University School of Law and his Bachelor of Arts from Wichita State University. Mr. English is admitted to practice law in Kentucky and Kansas and is a member of the Kentucky Bar Association. Mr. English is a proud supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, and is a Big Brother to a young man in Lexington.