LEXINGTON, KY (December 29, 2016) – CLARK Material Handling Company announces exciting updates to its C20/C35 series lift trucks. Along with the introduction of the new Ford 2.5L LPG 4-cylinder engine, a special “Centennial Edition” custom paint and decal package is now standard on all C20/C35 lift trucks throughout 2017, commemorating 100 years since CLARK invented the first gasoline powered material handling truck, the Tructractor, in 1917.

The CLARK “Centennial Edition” C20/C35 offers dramatic styling and performance featuring a smooth-running, balanced Ford 2.5Liter engine with variable valve timing, sequential multiport LP fuel injection and extended maintenance intervals up to 500 hours. Plus, a new dash feature that gives you the ability to diagnose and clear engine codes directly through the on-board dash. No need to plug in a laptop or have operators memorize pedal pumps and read flashing lights.

Centennial Edition Lift Trucks

Along with this premium Ford 2.5L engine is CLARK’s new radiator with wider fin spacing and in-line tubes. This “cotton core” style offers reduced plugging and increased air flow. A high-flow fan keeps you running cooler for longer.

About CLARK Material Handling Company

CLARK Material Handling Company, an industry leader since its production of the first gasoline-powered material handling truck in 1917, will be celebrating 100 years in the material handling business in 2017. Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, CLARK is a privately held global company and has built more than one million forklifts across its history. CLARK supplies a full range of internal combustion and electric trucks and parts which are distributed through its global network of more than 550 dealers.
For additional information on CLARK, its products or to locate a dealer visit us on the World Wide Web at www.clarkmhc.com, Facebook at www.facebook.com/clarkmhcna or call toll free 866-252-5275.

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